Grassroots based brand planning helped this startup brand gain ground rapidly

An ambitious self-funded startup wanted to create a niche in the Rs. 800 crore ready to cook food market. As it was a start from the scratch business, the challenges were more than what one could see on the surface. Ascend Adcom was roped in to create the brand from suggesting the brand name. As Shara Foods was finally agreed upon, the real work started with understanding the core market by digging deep down into the user behavior. It was not easy to create shelf space in an already cluttered market dominated by heavyweights in the category. Our first task was to design packaging that emerges through the crowd vibrantly. A vigorous competitive study was conducted to decide upon color and it’s usage based on different taste palates.

What We Did

• Created a firm brand foundation

• Created a color environment for the product family

• Helped gain substantial shelf space

How We Do It

• Understood the behavioral pattern of consumption

• Strategically positioned the products with competitive analysis

• Systematized a comprehensive marketing plan


Within a few months, Shara is an admired brand among the unlikely target audience, the middle-class housewife. They are also the largest consumers of RTC category, especially in the dessert and snack variety. The brand is on a growth trajectory and is showing considerable acceptance among affluent pockets. 

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