An ambitious Swaccha Bharat vision needed a robust communication support to achieve the right impact.

Everyday, almost 400 children under five years of age die from preventable diarrhea linked to poor sanitation and hygiene in India, this is the highest number worldwide. Countless more are left physically stunted and mentally impaired for the rest of their lives. To tackle this challenge, the “Team Swachh Bharat Action Kit” was developed, a unique tool kit for schools that educates children about the importance of toilet use and hand-washing with soap through fun and play. Viega India in association with Wash United entrusted us with the challenge to create a video that could be used as a tool by the volunteers.

What We Did

• Researched the problem in depth

• Probed for valuable insight

• Did an on ground vox pop

How We Do It

• Analyzed the required tone of voice

• Scripted the story and the jingle

• Produced the entire project from scratch


The film became a crucial tool for the most important activity of the present day government.

Wash United was able to achieve numerable milestones while Viega got enormous traction for their preferred CSR activity.

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