Modern rebranding and repositioning helped acquire a share of the global market for this brand.

AGD Biomedical is a leader in the diagnostics industry. Over the past 20 years, it has established itself as the best-in-class solutions provider. They have been manufacturing world-class diagnostics machinery and reagents for research and diagnostics. Their clientele includes most of the respected laboratories and hospitals throughout India and abroad. Despite having an excellent customer satisfaction record, the organization realized the need for rebranding the company as they were on the threshold of growth. It was now or never as the world-market was lucrative. But the brand perception did not stand up to the expectation. AGD was in need of compelling company branding. It was time to give AGD a brand presence that emphasized their passion to excel and wanted to differentiate the brand from its competitors.

How We Do It

• Comprehensive brand assessment with in-depth customer study

• Updated all identity and visual elements

• Developed visual matrices and product architecture.

• Updated all communication in a phased manner.

What We Did

• Repositioned the brand

• Increased brand vibrancy

• Restructured the product line

• Defined the complete company outlook


We conducted an in-depth assessment of AGD’s existing brand persona. This was then analyzed vis-a-vis the company’s growth roadmap. These findings lead to insights of the company's challenges and advantages as a brand in the near future and beyond uncovering many challenges and resolutions.

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