Our innovative perspective helped reinforce the brand’s traditional values and augment sales.

Already at the forefront of the designer saree category Kalanidhi had begun to find stagnancy in the growth graph. Ascend Adcom was assigned to calibrate the brand and communication by forecasting change in the sensitivity of today’s women. We undertook the task of probing the course of fabric and design trends. A new roadmap was crafted for the brand that manifested legacy, tradition and history. With a deep-rooted love for the saree among the Indian women, designs were fused with different established weaves. The new look had to project the art as highly unchanged to keep the tradition alive and vibrant. With a research-focused strategy and tradition infused innovative design styles, we were successful in emphasizing the perception of Kalanidhi as an innovative brand among the entire women’s clothing segment.

How We Do It

• Leveraged history of the saree tradition

• Conducted market research to understand trends

• Created a brand look cohesive with trends

• Developed unconventional messaging

What We Did

•Modernized the band within cultural parameters

• Strengthened brand’s core values

• Increased footfall and sales

• Redefined the complete brand look


We helped Kalanidhi navigate the myriad branding challenges produced by the restructuring. To aid the launch of their new brand identity, we created research driven experiences by carefully crafting stories from historical eras. A refreshing never before brand-experience was created in the retail category.

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